AF Safety Climb Launches New Website

For weeks, we have been hinting about big things to come from our cell tower division, AF Tower. Now, it's finally time to reveal the big secret.

AF Tower is launching a new website focused around our Safety Climb Systems.

From our Australian roots, to our expansion into the United States, Allfasteners has always provided services and materials to the construction, building and manufacturing industries. Now, our continued growth has allowed us to expand our expertise into other industries.

For cell tower modifications, our specialists at AF Tower, work hard to produce high quality standard and custom pieces for some of the biggest tower sites in the country.

Besides our tower fasteners, the most common products to leave our warehouse are the vertical safety climb systems. Made to choose from a variety of ladder, monopole and self-support type safety climbs, these systems are designed to maximize safety, climbing mobility and productivity, all with a focus on longevity and minimizing field maintenance requirements. 

Our safety climb lifeline systems expand on our company mission with an added emphasis on safety. With AF Safety Climbs, safety is our number one priority. All AF safety climb products are tested to all relevant ANSI and TIA-222 standards to ensure safety for every climb.

Our team at AF Tower is happy to announce the release of a new website for all AF Safety Climb products and assemblies. Now our customers can choose from a variety of pre-set systems or create their own custom assemblies. Don’t leave that feeling of security on the ground, find your vertical system by visiting the new safety climb website at

For questions about our safety climb products or the new website, contact an AF Tower representative at 888.859.6060 or via email.

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