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Allfasteners Now AISC Certified Fabricator

Allfasteners is proud to announce that we are not only an AISC Member, but also a certified AISC Fabricator.

Allfasteners has all paperwork issued by AISC regarding our certifications and the audits completed to obtain our AISC certification. Our certification number is: #22001115120RFN

What is AISC

For those who may not know, AISC stands for the American Institute of Steel Construction, and they are a technical institute and trade association that serves the structural steel design community and construction industry.

The AISC's mission is to “make structural steel the material of choice” by leading in structural-steel-related technical and market-building activities such as specification and code development, research, education and much more.

What Does the Certification Mean?

AISC’s certification programs set the quality standard for the structural steel industry and are the most recognized national quality certification program for the industry.

The certification is a company level certification for structural steel fabrication and construction developed by the AISC. It is intended for companies creating and/or erecting steel structures, such as building, bridges and highway components.

Certifications are issued exclusively by AISC, which consist of reviewing a quality manual and procedure documentation, in addition to performing an on-site audit of a firm’s quality management system.

What specific areas is Allfasteners certified in?

  • Building Fabrication
  • Metal Component Manufacturing

Benefits of AISC Certified Fabricators

Any time the most recognized national quality certification program in the industry certifies a company there are obvious benefits of using that company over one who is not.

With the certification process revolving around the steel fabrication and construction process of a company, a passing certification means higher quality products come out of the shop.

The AISC also constantly audits its members to ensure the proper system remains in place and up to par with industry standards, meaning greater accountability on those companies who remain an AISC certified fabricator.

Higher quality and greater accountability are not the only benefits of using an AISC certified fabricator – increased safety knowing your products are coming from a recognized fabricator and increased fabrication efficiency just a are few more.

Get Your Steel Parts from an AISC Certified Fabricator

If you need steel fabricated parts for your next project make sure to use an AISC certified fabricator like Allfasteners. Our recognized streamline process will get you high quality products at industry leading turnaround times.

See how Allfasteners did with AISC Site Audits and Findings.

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