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Case Study: Safety Climb Lead Times

What is the lead time on the Allfasteners Travel8 safety climb system?

At Allfasteners, we know that lead times are an important aspect of being a Safety Climb supplier/manufacturer. When a damaged or missing system is discovered on a cell tower, it can often hold up important upgrades or repairs. That is why our mission is to deliver our Travel8 kits quickly to minimize these situations for our customers.

In order to help with this, we have created a standard schedule based on the quantity that is being produced.

  • 1-3 kits:  2-3 days 
  • 3-10 kits:  3-5 days
  • 10-30 kits:  7-10 days
  • 30+ kits:  10-15 days 

These timeframes have greatly helped our customers, both by reducing the time it takes to receive their orders and also by setting upfront expectations.

However, in some extreme instances even these quick lead times are not sufficient. Our team is aware of that and we are always prepped in the case of an emergency.

This March we had an opportunity to put this to the test. Late in the day Friday, we were all packing up and getting ready to enjoy the weekend. Then, at 4:21 pm we received an urgent email from a customer asking how soon we could deliver 9 kits. Typically we would have told our customer that we could ship in 3-5 days for production and then another 3-4 days for shipping to Florida. However, they quickly followed up with a phone call asking us to do anything possible to expedite the order.

Our willing team quickly sprang into action to discuss the options, and by 6:30 that night we had a solid plan of action in place. Saturday morning the production team was up early and in the shop to work an emergency shift. By 2:30pm we had loaded the shipment on an expedited courier truck. The driver left immediately and continued directly to the customer’s warehouse. At 6pm Sunday evening the climbs were delivered and ready for the crews to install on Monday morning.

This was a great success for both Allfasteners and the contractor, and really helped them out of a difficult situation. We received thank you emails not only from our customer but also from their customer. Our team greatly appreciated the positive feedback.  What normally would have been a week and a half lead time was delivered from Ohio to Florida before the next business day. 

Our team loves to help customers and we are willing to take on new and unique challenges every day.

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