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Creating Innovation from Just a Napkin

When Allfasteners was founded, we set our goal to provide our customers with innovative solutions for their problems. Over the past couple of decades, we at Allfasteners have gone to some interesting lengths to keep that goal true today.

One of our most innovative solutions – the Split Nut – was conceptualized on a napkin on a snowy jobsite. It just goes to show our team is dedicated to finding a solution to your problem.

Creating the Split Nut from a Napkin

Back in January of 2014, our sales manager Bruce was demonstrating a product for Crown Castle. During the demonstration a discussion arose about an issue they were currently facing on jobsites – upgrading existing cell towers whose epoxy hardened too quickly.

This issue was a major headache at the time, leaving most jobsites delayed and frustrated that anchor rods would fail due to epoxy setting before they could thread the nut down the entire length of the anchor rod.

Determined to help out in any way, Bruce was able to grab the only thing he had with him – a napkin – and get to work. Onsite on a snowy January day, Bruce – with his toes freezing – began to workshop a solution to the issue.

Knowing that threading a nut over an entire anchor rod can take too long, the concept of the split nut was designed. A new way to thread a nut anywhere on the rod would greatly decrease the installation time, helping to set anchors correctly.

But it didn’t end there, with just the concept on a napkin, Bruce drove back to Allfasteners to start the R&D process. Creating a split nut design that can be placed anywhere on the anchor rod while still producing the necessary strength to secure the rod was no simple task.

After a prototype was made and tested, we sent over a sample for approval. Happy with the results, Crown was able to continue upgrading existing cell towers with a more streamlined process.

See If Allfasteners Can Help You With Your Project

The split nut is not the only innovative product we have developed. Over the years Allfasteners has come up with products or services that have helped our customers complete their projects.

If you have a project you need help with contact Allfasteners. Our representatives are always willing to help in any way they can. Simply call or email a rep today and get the solution you were looking for.

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