Epoxy: Building America's Infrastructure

From roadways and tower bases to the top of skyscrapers, epoxy is at the foundation of America’s infrastructure.

No matter where you look, epoxy – or chemical anchoring – may have been in the forefront of that job’s success. From updating historical buildings in New York to providing a strong base for towers in Kansas, epoxy has been used in a multitude of applications.

What is Epoxy?

For high-loading and critical anchoring situations, the use of chemical studs—also known as chemical injection—is essential.

Rebar or threaded rod is commonly utilized, and to create an airtight bond between the stud masonry it is recommended that high quality chemical anchors are used. The stud rebar or threaded rod needs to grip the sides of the hole with no gaps between irregularities such as mechanisms or thread. And beyond the correct products, certification is also essential, so your completed project is compliant with engineering and building-related standards.

In All Conditions, See Allfasteners

Allfasteners supplies many different types of chemical anchors and epoxy adhesives, depending on environmental and engineering requirement, such as polyester, vinylester or epoxy-based resins. Our very own range of chemical products has been proven as effective time and time again, in heavy load applications.

  • AF35LVE – Low Viscosity Structural Epoxy
    Designed for deep embedment of anchor rods in a large diameter hole. Originally developed for the cell tower industry, with a quick curing time, so that pull tests can be carried out in a little as 24 hours.
  • VF200PRO – Vinylester Styrene-Free Epoxy
    A vinylester-based two-part resin designed to withstand higher loads than polyester. Featuring a faster curing time, with suitability for embedment of threaded rod and rebar.
  • EF500+ – High Performance Structural Adhesive
    Featuring a slower working time during deep structural embedment, EF500R is optimal for diamond-bored and oversized holes in cracked concrete.

Allfasteners’ chemical products can be used in a variety of substrates and situations, from stone to concrete to hollow and solid blocks, perforated bricks and other masonry types. And beyond floors or foundations, some of these products can be used in overhead positions.

Stay tuned all month to see how epoxy has, is and will continue to help build America’s Infrastructure from the ground up!

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