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How Safety Climbs Help The Tower Industry - From a Project Manager

Allfasteners safety climb systems have been revered as the premier vertical lifeline system in the industry – but don’t just take it from us, see how others in the industry have changed to the lifesaving system known as the Allfasteners Safety Climb System.

A.R. Wireless Inc. is a well-respected tower construction and maintenance company in the industry, and we had a chance to hear from one of their project managers regarding our safety climb systems. They had this to say, “for the past few years we have been purchasing and installing safety climbs built by Allfasteners. Prior to using Allfasteners safety climbs we procured safety climbs from another in the industry.”

When asked why he made the switch, he expressed “we have found their systems easy to install.” An easy installation process and rugged durability, two things our team thought of when designing the safety climb systems.

Beyond the actual system, he expressed his appreciation surrounding our team’s efforts throughout the entire process when he said, “Their engineering department has provided quick solutions for unique installation requirements on some one-off towers. They have consistently tried to improve their product with fine tuning innovations. When a u-bolt design was found to possibly interfere with the safety climb cable, the design was changed to two bolts and a backer plate to eliminate the possibility”

Helping you complete your project has always been our goal, whether it be creating unique solutions for one-off towers or implementing a new fix to our current system, we work with you to get the project done. We even make sure to get you the systems you need to your site in a timely manner – helping you get to work faster.

When it was all said and done, the project manager John Henry had one last thing to say, “I would recommend their product to any tower company that is installing or replacing a safety climb system on any of the multiple types of towers.”

There you have it, Allfasteners safety climb systems are the industry’s premier vertical lifeline system – and it’s just not us saying that!

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