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How to Get the Most Out of Your Aviation Snips

Aviation snips, often referenced as snips, are the ideal hand tool to cut sheet metal, aluminum, vinyl and wire mesh. When cutting with snips, its relatively easy to cut straight, but when your task requires a curve or turn it becomes more difficult.

The reason most struggle when trying to cut on a curve using snips is due to using the wrong version of the tool. But how does one know when they are using the correct tool?

Aviation snips typically have three different colored handles – red, green and yellow – and this is not to make them look more appealing to the eye. Instead this color coding actually informs the user as to what each specific tool is capable of doing.

The first is yellow. Yellow handled snips are designed to cut straight lines. These snips are ideal for a flatter piece of metal with their purpose being to cut straight. However, if required these handles are capable of cutting wider curves, but if you have either red or green close by, we would recommend those to cut the curves.

The green handled snips are designed to cut right. These snips are ideal for those who are right-handed when cutting aluminum or sheet metal ducts, due to the ability to turn away from your body, allowing you to reach further through the cut.

The red handled snips are the last of the different colored handles and are designed to cut left. Each handle can be used to make just about any cut, but for the best results use each color of snips for their specific purpose.

When using these snips, the design of the snips is also important. On the grip there are two “nubs,” one slightly higher on the handle than the other. The nub that is higher, or closest to the cutting end of the tool, is the top side of the tool. That is the part of the tool that should be on top of the surface you are cutting. This can be easily remembered by grabbing the tool and having your thumb fit the most comfortably in that spot.

By color coding each snipping tool, the creators made it easier to find the tool you need from your toolbox. Without the color differences one could struggle to tell the difference since these snips look a lot alike.

Want to Know More

Do you want to know more about aviation snips and how you can get the most out of them? Don’t worry, the experts at Allfasteners can answer any questions you may have regarding these snips, and other fastener related questions. Get your questions answered by contacting a representative now at 888.859.6060 or via email.

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