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Allfasteners - More Than a Fastener Supplier

Most know Allfasteners as an industry leader in fasteners, tools and supplies, but we also offer a vast array of services designed to complement our product offerings.

From onsite services to tool calibration, Allfasteners can provide more than just fasteners for the job – in fact our range of services may be the missing link you need to complete the job.

Allfasteners Services

Onsite Pull Testing

Allfasteners onsite pull testing calculates maximum load resistance for overhead hanging systems for the mechanical, fire protection, HVAC and plumbing industries – even from cinder-concrete and terracotta.

The tests are simple to conduct and take little or no time to get your results. Our team has years of onsite experience performing pull tests and can provide you with digital and print reports of the entire test.

More information regarding onsite pull testing.

Product Demos & Tutorials

Need help with a product, or are you curious about how a specific product can benefit your next job? Request a product demo or tutorial through one of our representatives.

Our representatives have decades of experience across many industries, so rest assured your tutorial will be conducted right.

More information regarding our product demos.

More Information regarding our product tutorials.

Hydrajaws® Gauge Calibration

Out of our New Jersey location, our staff is able to inspect and service all genuine Hydrajaws® gauges. Each gauge sent will be inspected and processed accordingly. If a gauge passes inspection, it will be calibrated and issued a new 12-month certificate.

More information regarding our calibration services.

Tool Rental Program

If you need the tools, but don’t have the budget – no need to panic, Allfasteners offers tool rentals. Allfasteners tool rental program allows you to get the tools you need to complete the job for a flat weekly rate.

Tools for rent ship out of the Ohio location, and are as followed:

  • Core drill
  • Mag drills
  • Impact wrench
  • NG2 shear wrench
  • Hole Roughener Kit
  • Epoxy Dispensers
  • Hydrajaws®

More information regarding the tool rental program.

Custom Fabrication

Our Ohio location boasts an 80,000+ sq. ft. production and warehouse facility across five acres allowing us to create custom fabricated pieces for any job. Our process takes a generic problem and makes it into a custom solution.

Capabilities include

  • 3D modelling and steel detailing
  • Length and Bevel Cutting
  • Slot and Hole Punching
  • Oxy/plasma cutting
  • Machining and threading
  • Certified welding
  • Welding inspection
  • Burn Table
  • Press brake forming
  • Plate, angle, and flat bar Drilling
  • Hot dip galvanizing and painting
  • Jobsite delivery and unloading

More information regarding our custom fabrication capabilities.

Cut to Length Threaded Rod & Strut Channel

Some jobs require custom length products to get the job done. Allfasteners has the capability and machinery to cut strut channel and threaded rod to custom lengths. Whether you need a fraction less than the standard sizes or a completely unique one, Allfasteners custom length cutting process can produce the unique pieces you need – no matter the finish, size or length.

More information regarding our custom length cutting capabilities.

Virtual Tours

Want to know what makes us an industry leader in construction fasteners, tower components and fabrication – to name a few?  Check out Allfasteners virtual tours of our facilities and become immersed in All Things Fastening.

Virtual tours are a great opportunity to get an in depth look at all that we have to offer. Our tours give you a closer look into our steel fabrication capabilities, custom length material cutting and much more.

More information regarding our virtual tours.

Lunch & Learn Events

Lunch and learn events allow those in the industry a chance to gather more information about our company, products and personnel by experiencing our products in a new, exciting way. There are informative presentations, firsthand interactions with the products and even some product demonstrations.

More information regarding lunch & learn events.

Abundance of Media

From the in-depth AF Desk video series to content filled TDS & MSDS files, our range of media is designed to provide you with more information while enhancing your shopping experience.

More to Come

Everything listed above is just the tip of the Allfasteners services iceberg. There is much more that our team can do for you including next day shipments, helpful customer service, account payments and so much more.

At Allfasteners we never want our customers unsatisfied with our work. That’s why we are always creating new innovative services for our customers.

If you are interested in utilizing one of our services, feel free to contact one of our representatives via phone or email.

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