Save Tower Climbers Lives with AF Safety Climb Systems

As a tower owner, the safety of those climbing your tower is a top priority. That’s why choosing a fall protection system that provides increased safety is crucial to the success of your tower’s safety.

No one ever wants a fall to take place on site – but knowing that the fall protection system has the capability to save a life gives both you, the tower owner, and the tower climber confidence.

The innovative and cutting-edge safety climb systems from Allfasteners are that confidence factor you’ve been looking for. Designed with safety in mind, our vertical lifeline system for towers, poles and other permanent structures combines increased mobility and maximized safety with a focus on longevity – so you can protect lives for years to come.

Each system comes standard with the innovative Travel8 energy absorber, which is tested to all relevant ANSI and TIA-22 standards. Its intelligent design allows the energy absorber to be rated for multiple fall events for up to four climbers – this crucial lifesaving action continues to deploy up to 14 inches.

The unmatched visibility from the ground of the Travel8 allows users to check for deployment inspection from the ground – no need to climb the tower to find out the system has been deployed.

Beyond fall protection, you’ll require a system that lasts – which is why our systems are manufactured with stainless steel and hot dip galvanized components. Unlike others in the industry, our systems do not have rubber energy absorbers that can suffer from UV deterioration. Instead, our noncorrosive material lasts in harsh environments – keeping climbers safe for a long time to come.

If safety is your top priority on the jobsite, then go with the vertical lifeline that has safety as its number one priority– Allfasteners Safety Climb System.

To implement this life saving system onto your tower or permanent structure, contact our telecommunications experts by calling 888.859.6060 or via our contact us form. Be the hero on your jobsite and implement the lifesaving AF Safety Climb System.

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