The Safety Climb Vertical Assemblies for a Secure Climb

In the wireless and broadcast infrastructure industry tower modifications can be dangerous excursions if the proper safety measures are not in place. That’s why our cell tower division – AF Tower – created the safety climb assemblies.

What Are Safety Climb Assemblies?

AFT Safety Climb Assemblies were created to offer the industry’s premier permanent vertical systems for added safety, climbing mobility and productivity. You can choose from a variety of ladder, monopole and self-support type safety climbs all designed to fit your tower needs.

Safety climb assemblies are modular and corrosion resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about parts not accommodating a variety of tower types, tower heights, and existing hardware, mounts, or obstructions on the tower.  

You can even choose from a wide range of mounts, brackets and rigs to create a customized assembly to fit the needs of your climb. Our custom assembly options are designed to accommodate monopole, self-support and guy towers and more.

Ensured Safety for Every Climb

Quality products, a culture of innovation, and premium service make up the core of our organization, and this same mindset has been infused with the safety climb products.

With AF Safety Climbs, safety is our number one priority. All assemblies are examined, tested and researched for effectiveness of structural integrity, safety and durability. US standards are always adhered to, and often exceeded, which is why all our products are ANSI and OSHA approved to ensure safety for every climb.

Don’t leave that feeling of security on the ground; check out AF Tower’s safety climb assemblies designed to complement your ability to work safe and productive.

For More Information, Speak to the Tower Experts

For more information regarding the safety climb systems, contact our cell tower fastener division AF Tower by calling 888.859.6060 or via email.

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