Threaded Rods Use Outside of the Construction Industry

For the most part people know threaded rod as an installation need for overhead air conditioning ducts and lighting, but some may not know it has use in more applications across different of industries.

In the telecommunications industry, where cell tower modifications are king, threaded rod, also called anchor studs, see use in a multitude of applications, but the most common is anchor bolting.

Anchor bolting is where a cored hole is drilled at the base of the tower allowing a stud to fit down into the hole. Inserting anchor studs around the base of the tower helps to keep it in equilibrium, but studs cannot be inserted into holes by themselves.

For high-loading and critical anchoring situations, the use of chemical studs – also known as chemical injection – is essential. Once the epoxy bonds with the threads on the rod it provides pullout resistance, allowing the rod to act as an anchor bolt. It is recommended to use studs with high quality chemical anchors like the AF35LVE low-viscosity epoxy adhesive.

In short threaded rods are important to more than just the general construction industry, by providing much needed support at the base of cell phone towers.

Custom and Compliant

All our threaded rod is sourced from accredited manufacturers, so you can adhere to compliance regulations no matter where you are using it. If you’re unsure, Allfasteners can provide technical data sheets and the like for helping you to specify the product for use. And if you’re looking for studs in unusual lengths, you can inquire about our custom cutting service. We supply customized lengths to hundreds of customers every week, across the USA.

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