Understanding Magni Coating

It seems too often does the confusion between galvanizing and Magni coating pokes its head into the conversation. What is Magni coating? Which is the better option? How do I know what I am using?

Don’t worry you are not the first person to have questions regarding Magni. Luckily for you we’ve put together a guide to help understand what exactly Magni coating is.


What is Magni Coating

Let’s start with the basics. Magni 565 and 554 are chrome-free duplex coatings that combine an organic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat. Due to its two-coat system and resistance to automotive fuels, magni coating has become the preferred fastener coating for the automotive industry.

Although magni coating is primarily seen in the automotive industry, Allfasteners has adapted the capabilities of the Magni coating system as a replacement for galvanizing in structural and tower applications.

For the structural and tower industries, magni coating – more specifically Magni 565 coating – provides a superior corrosion protection on fasteners in the field. Magni coatings alleviate hydrogen embrittlement concerns associated with coating high strength fasteners, in contrast with hot dip galvanizing which typically utilizes an acid pickling process and requires fasteners to be immersed in molten zinc.


Backed by the Experts

At Allfasteners we use a Magni 565 coating in compliance with ASTM F2833 for our A490 bolts, nuts, and washers. The AF split nut and step bolt adapter are also manufactured with a Magni 565 finish. We even use Magni 554 for our NexGen2 blind bolts, which ensures calibration of friction to achieve tension requirements during installation. Both coatings can be rated for 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance in accordance with ASTM B117, providing a superior lifespan to hot dip galvanized fasteners.


Still Have Questions? Contact the Experts

If you still have questions about Magni coating feel free to contact one of our representatives. Our representatives have decades of industry knowledge to help guide you through any questions or concerns you may have.

Just send us an email or call us at 888.859.6060 and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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